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Guided Journeys To The Inner Path

We offer self-guided journeys, workshops, mastermind groups, and one-one-on guidance to help you discover and remove limiting beliefs and patterns that cause discomfort and hold you back from your full potential.

We provide guidance for people who are navigating midlife and are seeking for deeper meaning and enjoyment. We customize Sol Journeys that meet you where you are and help you map what you desire to manifest.

Join our community that promotes individuation, following your own path to your highest potential self. We explore psychology, philosophy, scientific methods and spirituality to discover more meaning and create more fulfillment.

What Others Have Experienced

I was definitely skeptical going into my dream evaluation, wondering how Ein could possibly make sense of my bizarre dream. I was in awe of his ability to relate it to exactly what was going on in my life. He gave me lots to think about and a few tools to help me moving forward. I will never look at my dreams the same. I HIGHLY recommend it

― Cynthia

The insights I received from my dreams were answers to my prayers. I was able to connect with my daughters and wife by removing the stumbling blocks I couldn’t even see previously. I also received guidance that has led me to my passion and a rewarding career.

― John

Ein took a simple dream that I was having and looked at it in ways I never would have. This is his gift. He can help you work through any dream you are having and give so many great insights. It was a really cool experience.

― Katie

To be honest, I thought the dreams I was having were meaningless, but after talking to Ein, I was surprised at how much meaning there was.

― Molly

"Sol Journey has been a true blessing during a challenging period of my life. Ein's expertise in dream analysis and his dedication to helping me understand my purpose, were key in helping me get out of a dark place and drastically improve my mindset.

Working with Ein, I not only gained clarity on my life's path but also the tools I needed to navigate it with more ease and grace. My relationships have strengthened, my business has improved, my spiritual connection has deepened, and I've become more aware of the synchronicities that guide me.

I cannot recommend Sol Journey highly enough to anyone who is going through a difficult time and looking to make positive changes in their life. Ein's guidance has been a true gift, and I am forever grateful.

– Rod S.

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