Sol Journey Quizzes

Sol Journey's mission is to help those in need reach individuation and self-actualization by sharing educational material and plant-based products to heal, nourish and fulfill your Mind, Body, and Soul.

Take a quiz below to receive a tailored score that is based on your own answers, plus you'll also receive helpful information about the quiz topic to help you on your journey.

Mind, Body,
& Soul Connection

This quiz has been developed to quickly produce a mind, body, soul connection score based on your answers to 18 simple questions. Within 3 minutes you will generate your results plus, you'll receive some actionable tips on how to improve each of the areas.

A Custom Skin Care Score
For Your Skin Type

Answer 25 questions and we’ll send you a personalized report. This Scorecard has been designed to help you identify your major skin concerns and provide instant, actionable steps on how to improve. Receive customized results instantly.

How To Live Your
Life Purpose Quiz

This quiz has been developed to help you see if your soul, nature, the cosmos/uniververse, God, or whatever that greater power is to you, has been sending you messages with a mission and purpose in store for you. Answer 9 questions to advance on your path.