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Are Sol Journey products vegan?

Yes! Sol Journey is committed to provide high-frequency vegan nutrients. All of our products feature Non-GMO, organic (whenever possible), gluten-free, and dairy-free adaptogenic foods and herbs. All organic ingredients are specified on the ingredient panel.

I haven't used my product by the expiration date, is it still good?

All of our products have a 2 year shelf life, likely longer if stored in a cool dry place. After the expiration date, we cannot guarantee the same nutrient potency, as nutrients may lose efficacy over time.

How do I get information about specific products?

  1. Please visit our secure website www.soljourney.com.
  2. Visit the product page you are interested in to view product information, benefits, ingredients, nutritional facts, suggested use, and reviews.
  3. Please contact our support team to answer any other questions support@soljourney.com.

Is your packaging recyclable?

This varies for each of our products, but most of our packaging is from recycled material and can be recycled. Each product is labeled with specific recyclable material information.

How do I create or login to my account?

Desktop & Tablet

Dekstop & Tablet Account Icon

From the top right of any page, click on the icon highlighted in the image above.

This will take you to the account page which will let you either:


Mobile Account Icon

From the top right of any page on a Mobile device, click on the icon highlighted in the image above.

This will open up a menu with an option listed to Log in.

The Login page allows you to:

Accounts Are Required For Purchases.

If you have not created an account, or have not signed into an existing account before Checking out your order, the Login screen will be shown before taking you to Shipping and Billing pages.

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

You will receive your order within 5-7 business days of ordering. Expedited shipping options are available upon checkout. Most items will ship within one business day of purchase date.

How do I track my order?

When your Sol Journey order is completed, you will receive an email with a unique order ID. When your order has shipped, you will receive an email with tracking. You can look up your order any time here: https://www.soljourney/track. If you don't have the order ID you can also alternatively look up your order by email on that page.

I did not receive my order.

Please allow 5-7 days for your order to arrive. You can track your order here or log into your account and see order status along with your tracking link. If your order has not arrived based upon your tracking information, please contact our support team at support@soljourney.com, we will locate your package or get a replacement sent out.

I accidentally ordered the wrong item, how can I change my order?

Please contact our support team at support@soljourney.com and we will change the order for you. Since your order confirmation is emailed after completion, most errors are noticed right away. Please send us an email as soon as possible and we can apply the changes. If your order has already shipped, send our support team an email and we will do everything possible to make corrections.

The product I received is incorrect or damaged, how can I get a new one?

Unfortunately, from time to time, packaging gets damaged in transit; or a mis-pick at the warehouse occurs. We are happy to send you a replacement product if this happens. Please send us a photo with the damaged or incorrect item and your order details to support@soljourney.com and we'll get a replacement shipped out!

I see multiple charges on my card, how do I get one removed?

In the rare event that a card receives a double charge for an item please contact our support team at support@soljourney.com and a refund will be issued immediately.

The product I ordered does not meet my personal needs, do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee on all or our products. We source our ingredients from the highest quality whole food ingredients. Since all of our products are from natural sources, flavoring and taste may vary in each batch. We are striving for 100% satisfaction. Please see our returns policy here, or feel free to contact us support@soljourney.com if you are not satisfied.

How is my information used?

We use your information to create your account, process and ship orders, customer service, and share promotional offers. Please visit our Privacy Page and Terms and Conditions to better understand how we use your information to enhance our customer service and offerings.