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Meet Jake, A Married 41-Year-Old Father Of Three

From the outside looking in, Jake was living the good life. He and Beth had been married for eighteen years. They lived in a nice house in a good neighborhood. Their three daughters were healthy and happy with close friends, hobbies, and they all got good grades.

Jake had experienced pain too. His dad had passed away a little over two years ago from a heart attack. He's thankful his mom is still healthy and active.

As Jake has been contemplating his own mortality, he realized the first half of life is more or less behind him. And, the last 10 years have gone by extremely fast. Jake wanted to do things differently. He wanted to transform and live the life he dreamed. He saw others doing it and wondered if it was possible for him.

Jake decided to take a deeper look at his life so far. He took an assessment to get clear on what iss most important; he listed his strengths as well as delusions he wanted to eliminate that have been limiting him.

The first area he wanted to focus on was his physical health. He thought about his genetic possibilities. He's been trying to lose thirty-five pounds he gained over a two-year period almost 10 years ago. He’s been frustrated with himself because he's lost most of the weight several times, but regained it quickly.

Jake narrowly avoided alcoholism due to Beth’s awareness and support after she saw Jake begin to spiral during the first year after his dad died. He saw how drinking had negatively contributed to his weight and how crummy it made him feel.

Jake also noticed he was getting triggered over things he used to let slide or wouldn’t even notice. He observed that he had a number of narratives that played on repeat. He recognized that he was too harshly critical with himself. He was also judgemental of others and was comparing himself to them.

As Jake thought about his first half of fatherhood, he faced the uncomfortable reality that he had lost the connection he used to have with his daughters as they were becoming more independent. He also felt a loss of connection with Beth, as the business of their day-to-day lives seemed to push them apart instead of bring them closer together. He didn't want her to see him as weak, so he withheld from her his feelings of inadequacy and fears of not being enough. He felt like they never had enough time to talk about the more meaningful things.

Shortly after Jake took an assessment of his life, he and I became acquainted. No, I didn’t become Jake’s guru or tell him he should ‘live his life like me’.

Instead, I invited Jake to Sol Journey and introduced their guided journeys that are custom to each individual. There is not a one-size fits all plan for life. I also shared with Jake the master key that opens the door to what Einstein refers to as the gift.

What is the gift?

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

– Albert Einstein

As we worked together, we outlined how Jake could empower the servant within with new tools, while placing the proper role of master into the rightful charge of the gifted, intuitive mind. The tools include doing mindful inner work with journaling, visualizing, self-reflection, breathing exercises, meditation, critical thinking, and feeling gratitude daily.

Jake started recording his dreams, synchronicities, thoughts and feelings. He started to reflect on his life, his choices and his goals daily. He began to question everything, examining his beliefs and assumptions, and looking for new perspectives. He started to visualize what he wanted for his future and his family, and began working now with confidence and clarity to achieve his goals.

Jake shared how magical it felt as he recognized more and more gratitude each day for the miracles taking place in his life. He even started to appreciate the small things that he had often taken for granted.

Now that Jake lives with purpose, he feels more connected to his family as he better understands each of their needs and creates more time to enjoy with them. He feels more fulfilled and has a sense of purpose again. He no longer experiences doubt and fear that he learned was limiting his growth and freedom.

Jake's understanding of human nature grew too as he saw his daughters as individuals and not just as his children. They now come to him seeking his advice instead of being concerned about how he might react or judge them. His relationship with his Beth is also stronger than ever as they discuss more openly their wants and needs and actively work together as a team to meet them.

Jake's new perspective also helped him to see that he had been looking for fulfillment and meaning in the wrong places. By focusing on living a more examined life, he was able to find what he was looking for all along; a firmer belief in himself, a stronger commitment to daily growth, a deeper connection with his family, and a new understanding and appreciation of himself.

Jake was relieved that Sol Journey wasn’t a cookie-cutter program, but connected people to their true, authentic selves, to live their purpose and create their own meaning. He learned that it’s what pioneering psychoanalyst, Carl Jung called individuation.

Jake's story shows that by embracing an intentional life through a guided Sol Journey, he has the ability to accomplish his goals much more easily and look back on his life with gratitude and fulfillment.

Discover what Jake discovered and start mapping your blueprint to your individual journey today.