Transform Your Life Journey With More Meaning and Fulfillment

Sol Transformation: Your Blueprint For Your Soul Guided Journey

Document, Measure, and Plan

An essential key to progress is intentional action. And now that you've completed the assessment, seize the moment and grab a pen and paper. Write out responses to the following questions:

1. What are the top three areas you want to improve?
2. Which one stirs the most emotion when you imagine and feel the acheived result?
3. What are three activities you will commit to this week that will move you towards your goal?

Put them in your calendar and commit to taking action

Embrace The Gift & Empower The Servant

Remembering that 'the rational mind is the faithful servant', we can also know that the servant can be provided with tools and optimized with critical thinking to become what will seem like superhuman capabilities compared to previous understanding.

For most people, the gift has been marganilized or even shamed completely out of us.

The gift Einstein referred to was intuition; access to something greater than us to create from the contents of our mind.

And, Einstein isn't the only scientist to refer to this 'gift'. Nikola Tesla referred to a core in the Universe that provides knowledge and strength.

Here are just two examples of men who had developed incredible capacity for thinking and using reason, however, they, along with many others, regularly accessed their intuition through this Universal core.

God, The Great Spirit, The Cosmos, Quantum Physics, The Placebo Effect, etc.

By whatever name each of us choose to call it, it's Universal Law. We are all subject to it, and the good news is, we can harnass its power and create our lives with intention and receive divine or supernatural guidance and strength to accomplish the dreams that have inspired us.

And, however you've experienced this Energy, the fundamental truth is that each of us has direct access.

Introducing Sol Transformation

Your customized blueprint For The 2nd Half Of Life

Start living everyday with purpose with a customized morning routine that includes key activities for mapping out your success. Once you see this activity payoff, you won't miss a day.

Incorporate intuitive eating to bring your body into harmony with nature to experience more energy and receive clearer communication. Because our bodies are electrical, optimizing this tool enhances what we can do with our mind and soul.

You'll also gain a deeper understanding of the psyche and how to reprogram your subconscious mind (the faithful servant) to work diligently on your new empowering beliefs.

Connecting with your soul is truly the biggest reward. Imagine receiving direct guidance from your dreams and reassurances from synchronicities and the ability to explore potentialities and create a new existence for yourself.

Sol Transformation Is a Individualized Guided Journey To Live Your Best Life

  • Have Clear Direction
  • Eliminate Distractions
  • Strengthen Your Will
  • Have More Certainty
  • Live Authentically
  • Experience Daily Magic
  • Develop Your Gifts
  • Have Deeper Connections
  • Write & Direct Your Future
  • Eliminate Fear
  • Reclaim Your Power
  • Liberate Your Soul

"Sol Journey has been a true blessing during a challenging period of my life. Ein's expertise in dream analysis and his dedication to helping me understand my purpose, were key in helping me get out of a dark place and drastically improve my mindset.

Working with Ein, I not only gained clarity on my life's path but also the tools I needed to navigate it with more ease and grace. My relationships have strengthened, my business has improved, my spiritual connection has deepened, and I've become more aware of the synchronicities that guide me.

I cannot recommend Sol Journey highly enough to anyone who is going through a difficult time and looking to make positive changes in their life. Ein's guidance has been a true gift, and I am forever grateful.

– Rod S.

What You'll Experience On Your Personalized Sol Journey

Sol Guidance

Receive regular divine guidance from dreams, synchronicities and your imagination to lead you on your highest path of your soul journey. Learn how to interpret your dreams and be more aware of the signs and symbols appearing in your life.

  • Receive Direct Guidance From Your Dreams
  • Understand Your True Nature
  • Gain Awareness & Unique Insight
  • Reconnect With Your Soul

Sol Health

Strengthen, stretch and grow in mind, body and soul. Discover tools that are available to help you accelerate your transformation. We've combined ancient wisdom with advanced scientific discovery that are aligned with the principles of nature. Enjoy the benefits of clearer thinking, more energy and living with intention.

  • Optimize Your Health - Mind, Body & Soul
  • Track Your Progress On The Sol Journey App
  • Receive Support, Coaching & Accountability
  • Recognize Triggers & Learn Mind Hacks

Sol Purpose

Your purpose is unique and necessary. You'll be clear and focused as all other options will no longer be a temptation to distract you once you find and start living your purpose. Learn your unique gifts and how to best share them with the world. Live confidently as your authentic self.

  • Set Yourself Free & Live Your Purpose
  • Tap Into Your Creative Potential
  • Flow In Your Zone Of Genius
  • Remove Blocks That Have Been Limiting Your Progress

Sol Transformation Offers All Three Personalized Guided Journeys Together For The First Time

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What Others Have Experienced From Their Private Sessions

I was definitely skeptical going into my dream evaluation, wondering how Ein could possibly make sense of my bizarre dream. I was in awe of his ability to relate it to exactly what was going on in my life. He gave me lots to think about and a few tools to help me moving forward. I will never look at my dreams the same. I HIGHLY recommend it


The insights I received from my dreams were answers to my prayers. I was able to connect with my daughters and wife by removing the stumbling blocks I couldn’t even see previously. I also received guidance that has led me to my passion and a rewarding career.


Ein took a simple dream that I was having and looked at it in ways I never would have. This is his gift. He can help you work through any dream you are having and give so many great insights. It was a really cool experience.


To be honest, I thought the dreams I was having were meaningless, but after talking to Ein, I was surprised at how much meaning there was.