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Experience your highest potential of fitness and energy. Discover why all your past attempts have resulted in a backslide and why the holistic approach creates lasting results. The Sol Fitness program is designed to connect mind, body and soul to harmonize all parts of you to live your fullest, most meaningful life.

Quit overthinking this. Trust that you have what it takes and that no matter what steps you take or path you choose, it will lead you to the change that is calling to your soul.

- Annmarie Molina

Your fitness journey begins now. Sol Journey’s Sol Fitness is a revolutionary program to help anyone live a whole, well-balanced life with abundant energy, an accelerated growth mindset, and cosmic connections.

This program outlines the role our mind, body and soul play in our overall health and helps to understand the connection between them.

We believe that every individual can create a deeper connection with their mind, body, and soul.

Think of your mind and body as tools that can be mastered, sharpened, and leveraged through exercise and recreation, providing great returns. The soul, on the other hand, is the teacher, the guide, and the observer. It is the gift that gives us a sense of purpose. It challenges us to learn and grow. It places the seeds of curiosity and wonder within us.

Ancient philosophers discovered the connection between physical health and the mind, spirit, personality, and overall happiness. For centuries, this wisdom was hidden. When it reappeared, it was ridiculed and dismissed.

Thankfully, recent discoveries in the fields of quantum physics and epigenetics provide proof of the enormous benefits of harmonizing the mind, body, soul connection.

Discover the secrets for yourself!

Sol Body Fitness

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

- Max Depree

Sol body fitness is more than just daily workouts and healthy eating plans. It is a way of exploring and moving your body in ways that are fun, therapeutic and most importantly, make you feel good. Creating a healthy relationship with both food and exercise not only keeps your body active and feeling good, but also helps you establish a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that will keep you having consistent healthy behaviors.

Sol Mind Fitness

Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.

- Laurie Buchanan

Do you want to make a change in your life but don’t know where to start?

There are times when the words “uncomfortable”, “hard”, “difficult”, and “painful” will be used in this course. Our body, mind, and soul training goals are made to be difficult, yet attainable. We aim to make adjustments that aren't overly frightening but do challenge you to act differently, which is always a little unsettling. But that is where the growth comes, when we move out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. We will never achieve new results by keeping the same old habits.

You've outgrown the old you. You’re uncomfortable because your old life doesn’t fit anymore.

- Leighann Heil

Moving beyond your comfort zone to find your life purpose.

Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise.

- Ram Dass

Sol Fitness

Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose, instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

- Roy T. Bennett

Exercising our soul is probably the most important part of your health journey. Understanding the connection of the soul to the mind and body helps our personal growth exponentially. If we don’t know the “why” of where we want to go, the body, mind and soul are not connected. When we help fuse the three, we synergistically become more whole.

What is Sol Fitness?

It is a holistic approach to connecting the Mind, Body & Soul for optimal health

As you quiet your mind, you begin to see the nature of your own resistance more clearly, struggles, inner dialogues, the way in which you procrastinate and develop passive resistance against life. As you cultivate the witness, things change.

Mind-Body-Soul Connection

Together We are all on a journey called life. We are a little broken and a little shattered inside. Each one of us is aspiring to make it to the end. None is deprived of pain here and We have all suffered in our own ways. I think our journey is all about healing ourselves and healing each other in our own special ways. Let’s just help each other put all those pieces back together and make it to the end more beautifully. Let us help each other survive.

- Ram Dass

We don’t just want to survive. We want to thrive. Sol Journey Fitness is a safe place to find healing, encouragement, accountability and sustenance for the soul.

Course Contents

  • Sol Fitness Workbook (PDF)
  • Vision Writing
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Stress Management
  • Custom Excercise Plan
  • Holistic Fitness Program
  • Detox Naturally
  • Mindset & Emotional Awareness
  • Daily Check-ins With Rod & Ein
  • One-On-One Goal Setting Call
  • Tracking & Accountability
  • Community Support
  • Harmonize Mind, Body, & Soul
  • A Guided Journey To Recreate Your Soul

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  • Daily Check-In
  • Tracking with app (coming soon)
  • Questionnaire & Individual Consulting Call
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Community
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