Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

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  • Includes Dream Journal (PDF)
  • Have More Certainty
  • Live Your True Nature
  • Receive Divine Direction & Guidance

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Introduction To Dream Analysis

How Your Dreams Are Sending You Messages To Transform Your Life

Throughout history, people have sought meaning in dreams. They have been described as reflections of the unconscious and messages from God.

What is the purpose of our dreams? Why are some dreams so clear with precise information by means of a warning, confirmation or meaningful insight, while others are nonsensical, mysterious, and baffling?

Do you often feel like your dreams end without completion? Do you find yourself wishing you would have been able to receive the rest of the story?

What does it mean to have recurring dreams?

Do you have disturbing dreams that cast you in a bad light? Have you dreamt of doing or saying unthinkable things that horrified you and felt shame upon waking?

What is the meaning? How can I learn and transform from the messages I’m dreaming?

Dreams are one of the ways the unconscious sends information to the individual.

Benefits Of Dream Analysis

  • Receive Personalized Direction For Your Life
  • Reclaim Your Authority
  • Experience Daily Magic and Miracles
  • Live with More Passion & Meaning
  • Gain Deeper Understanding
  • Learn What Your Dreams Mean
  • Receive Direct Insight & Guidance
  • Gain Certainty & Confidence
  • Have More Meaningful Relationships
  • Guided Adventures To Recreate Your Soul

How A Father Of Four Received Guidance & Insight To Transform His Relationships & Career

"My brother had left me with the impression of the importance of writing my next dream down, so I did. 

When I shared my dream with my brother, he suggested that I connect with Ein & Rod with Sol Journey.

What I discovered from my first dream was that I had abandoned my true authentic self in exchange for belonging, security and safety.

Sol Journey helped me identify the critical steps my unconscious revealed through the veiled dream, to take action and reclaim my authenticity and remember what’s most important to me at this time on my journey.

Little did I know, I would continue to have more dreams in the following nights that provided additional insights that shed light on my blind spots. 

Ein taught me the purpose of dreams is to understand something new or forgotten, and to take action. Dreams have been a sacred part of ancient cultures as well as inspired direction for people throughout all of history.

Sol Journey’s dream analysis helped me deepen my relationship with my wife and kids, as well as helped me make some big changes in my work life. Understanding the messages my unconscious revealed through my dreams has given me confidence to take action to transform my life." - John S.

I have long trusted dreams as prophetic visions. I do not mean that they foretell the future, only that they illuminate the present, when my eyes are closed, so that I may see clearly.

- Sheldon B. Kopp

How Dreams Guided A Family Through A Health Crisis

When our daughter, Liv, was sick with leukemia we had to make the most difficult decision of our lives. She had a rare type of leukemia that most don’t survive.The oncologists insisted that we follow their protocol consisting of 5 rounds of chemo, cancer targeting drugs and a bone marrow transplant. This “protocol” wasn’t really backed by anything because there wasn't enough data out there to give us an appropriate course of action. Not to mention, following protocol all but guaranteed secondary cancers and life threatening complications. It wasn’t a cure. It was an educated guess that might help her chances of survival. Also, cancer survival rates use a five-year survival rate. So, if a person lives 5 years and 1 day and dies, the person would have “survived” cancer, according to the statistics.

The doctors expected us to sign the paperwork and put this protocol into motion. People do not typically question doctors. The more questions we asked the more uncomfortable we felt moving forward, and the more at odds we felt with the powers that be at the hospital. We felt like we were on a train that couldn’t be stopped. Carl Jung said, “Deep down, below the surface of the average man's conscience, he hears a voice whispering, "There is something not right," no matter how much his rightness is supported by public opinion or moral code.”

Up to this point Liv had received 3 rounds of chemo and targeting drugs. She still “needed” one round of intensive chemo, one round of ablative chemo and a bone marrow transplant.

The night before going in for her 4th round of chemo, Liv had a dream that she died from the 4th round. I wasn’t sure what to do. I think we’ve all had dreams where we die, but given the circumstances I put more weight into this dream. It wasn’t too far-fetched to think the dream was sort of planted out of fear and didn’t actually mean she would die. Then, the next day, when Liv was packing her bags she had a strong feeling that this would be the last time she would be home. That one pierced me right in the heart. We called the hospital and told them we needed a couple of days. They understood and rescheduled.

So Liv had now had a dream and a strong prompting that another round of chemo wasn’t going to go well. Katie and I wanted to support her and felt we needed confirmation as well if we were really going to talk these doctors into the impossible. Parents have gone to jail for taking their kids out of cancer treatments. We prayed that we might receive confirmation of what to do.

Later that day Katie took a nap and in that half awake state she had a dream that she was explaining to people what the doctors wanted Liv to do. She had described this many times to friends and family in real life but in the dream she could not get the words out. She was confused and couldn’t explain it. She had a stupor of thought. After not being able to explain it for some time she simply said “she’s going the natural way” and when she said those words a feeling of peace and comfort unlike anything she had ever felt overcame her. It felt like the most loving embrace you could ever imagine. She woke up crying tears of joy and knew that she had her answer. When she told me I was overcome with the same feeling and knew that the natural way was the right way for Liv. Our second oldest overheard us and came in and said that she also felt that it was right. Later we received text messages from my mom and Katie’s parents that they also felt the natural way was it. We had our answer. We went to the appointment that next day to face the doctors and tell them of our experience. Their hearts were softened. The main oncologist looked at Liv and said “Liv, what do you want to do? I normally wouldn’t ask a 15 year old but you might as well be 25. You’re wise beyond your years. What do you want to do?” Liv looked up at him and said “I want to be done.” He smiled and said “Then you can be done.”

Our family is grateful for the merciful and divine direction of many dreams that guided what was in Liv’s best interest.

Every dream is a prophecy.

- George Bernard Shaw

What If I'm Not Having Dreams?

Many people ask, “what does it mean if I don’t dream or remember my dreams?”.

There are a number of reasons dreams may not be vivid enough to remember.

The first could be that you haven't been curious about previous dreams, so your unconscious mind isn’t sending messages through that channel.

In our courses and workshops, you'll discover other reasons why you may not be experiencing dreams, as well as how to frequently access messages from the unconscious to guide your life with more meaning and fulfillment.

The dream shows the inner truth and reality of the dreamer as it really is: not as I conjecture it to be, and not as the dreamer would like it to be, but as it is.

- Carl Jung

Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis

Regular price $99.95 Sale priceFree
  • Includes Dream Journal (PDF)
  • Connect With Your Soul
  • Live Your True Nature

Wednesday November 30th, 7PM to 8PM Mountain