Sol Transformation Bundle

Sol Transformation Bundle

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Included Guided Journeys:

  • Sol Purpose - Workbook, Book & Journal
  • Sol Health - Workbook & Two Journals
  • Sol Guidance - Workbook & Two Journals
  • Reconstruct Your Map
  • Navigate Midlife

Included Guided Journeys:

Sol Journey's Sol Transformation

This journey combines various disciplines, including natural laws, depth psychology, quantum mechanics, Socratic processing, and universal spirituality, to help you connect with your inner desires and live life to its fullest. Gain awareness and embark on a transformational path, such as the midlife journey, that leads to profound change.

Sol Transformation includes three workbooks for Sol Purpose, Sol Health, and Sol Guidance, a short book on How To Find Your Purpose and five journals that will provide you with insights on your journey. You'll receive the workbooks, book and journals within 3 weeks of your order.

You'll also receive full access to the Sol Journey app with videos and audio recordings with lessons to guide your journey, plus you'll be able to track your progress.

Plus, you'll be able to join one of our mastermind calls twice per month to learn more, share your progress, and get any questions answered.

Let's explore the individual journeys of the Sol Transformation:

Sol Purpose ($444)

Discover what you truly want to experience, how you want to serve others, and how you want to play. By understanding your purpose, you'll live each day with increased self-discovery and awareness, bringing more fulfillment to your life. You'll also begin to see opportunities in every moment to learn and add value while strengthening relationships with yourself and others.

Sol Health ($444)

Elevate your energy, intention, reason, and creativity by experiencing holistic health in your body, mind, and soul. As you align with your true essence, you'll embark on an exciting new way of living, with a literal change in your frequency. Unlock your body and psyche's potential with the help of epigenetics and by gaining a clearer understanding of how they can work together more effectively and in your favor.

Sol Guidance ($444)

Tap into the wisdom of centuries, drawing from myths, metaphors, and the knowledge of leading thinkers and sages. Experience the transformative power of accessing this wellspring of wisdom, as it has been used throughout history to create miracles. With Sol Guidance, you'll gain a profound depth of understanding and access to the unseen world, enabling you to transform your own life and positively impact those around you.

 Save $444 with the Sol Transformation Bundle

Get the full experience of having a clear purpose and meaning in everything you do as you attune your body, mind, and soul to greater potentialities (frequencies). Then experience magic/miracles and depth of understanding with Sol Guidance, as you receive more awareness from the unconscious mind/unseen world.

Bonus: Reconstruct Your Map and Navigate Midlife Guided Journeys Included. Each sell separately for $88.88 each.


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Sol Transformation - 3 workbooks, 1 book, and 5 journals