Overview: How To Re-Connect To Your Higher Soul Self

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Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

- C.G. Jung

The Call Invites You On Your Journey

In Joseph Campbell's book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, he reveals the stages of the archetypal hero's journey. We see this journey in popular movies like Star Wars and Harry Potter and has been a predominant theme of books, stories, and oral tradition for centuries.

This archetype seems to be embedded in our DNA. It's the will to live, to overcome obstacles, and to develop ourselves into our highest potential. It's human nature, or our oneness that binds us together. We are here to grow and help others along the way.

This call may initially trigger anxiety and depression, especially if we get stuck on the third stage, or refusal of the call. This journey is continuous and happens even in micro-ways each day. Today's call may not be some grand revelation but could be a feeling of excitement to start or continue work on a project.

The call pulls us out of our comfort zone to grow beyond who we are today. It provides us with purpose and creates more awareness; casting light upon darkness, healing and guiding us on our path.

The call is the desire of the soul to express its highest potential through love. It may be difficult and seem impossible some days, but these are the days we gain strength and confidence. 

The greatest task for any person is to find meaning in his or her life.

- Viktor Frankl

When we travel our path with consciousness of purpose and awareness of the stages, we are emboldened to find solutions and keep moving forward. As the books and movies depict and our lives illustrate, there are many meaningful coincidences that help us along our way.

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Do you experience synchronicities regularly? Carl Jung defined synchronicity as an “acausal connecting (togetherness) principle,” “meaningful coincidence”, “acausal parallelism” or “meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”

A woman Dr. Jung was treating in psychotherapy was sharing a dream she had where the image of a scarab beetle had appeared. The scarab beetle had been discovered in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, known as Kheper, which meaning represented the concepts of manifestation, growth, development, existence, and effectiveness.

This woman was resistant that this could be a message the unconscious was communicating through the dream of her deep desire to become more fulfilled. While they were discussing the dream a large scarab-like beetle appeared outside of the window of the room they were in.

This synchronicity became a significant breakthrough for the woman that contributed to her making a significant positive psychological change.

Synchronicities happened frequently in Dr. Jung's life and they seemed to work as breadcrumbs along his path, leading him to discoveries of self and the collective unconscious to help better understand the psyche and the individual self.

Perhaps you've thought about a concept with great interest and then shortly afterward came across an article or book that provided more insight into the subject. Or maybe you've seen an uncommon word and then the word appears again or numerous times.

What do these synchronicities mean? Many spiritual guides and psychologists suggest that they indicate our connectedness to cosmology and that we are able to experience as a witness our communication from God or the universe that we are individually important and have a unique purpose to grow and self-develop.

Communication Through The Soul

Do you remember a time when you were inspired by a thought that seemed to come out of nowhere that provided you with a solution to a problem? Or, a time you received a spark of creativity impressing you to express something meaningful for others and/or yourself. Whether it was painting, drawing, writing, or words you spoke, the expression flowed through you.

What is that source of wisdom? Perhaps when we were younger, we accepted this source as our brilliant mind, but as we mature and seek that source for a continual stream of knowledge, we realize it's a power that isn't our brain, nor is it outside of us, but it's within each of us to access.

Many philosophies of thought have taught about this voice, calling it the light of Christ, prajna, Source, The All, the universe, the higher self, god within, the soul of divine nature, etc. In this article, we'll simply call it the soul.

My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration.

- Nikola Tesla

To define it more clearly, the soul is not our mind or our bodies. It is within us and is our guide or guru.

When looking at the etymology of the word guru, we find that it depicts a spiritual teacher. In Sanskrit, the word Gu means darkness, and Ru is a sound that alarms or dispels. The soul is the guru in each of us to shine a light on the darkness. What is darkness? We're not talking about what is evil, but that which is unknown.

The darkness, or our unknowingness, is vast, but we can reveal a truth that is pertinent and valuable to our learning and growth that can also benefit the lives of others.

We have access to this core of unlimited knowledge and with an understanding of how to consciously apply epigenetics, we can direct through our will, a steady flow of creativity to live a more fulfilling and abundant life.

Before we discuss how to apply our will, we'll discuss the relationship between our bodies and the soul.

Know thyself

- Socrates

Understanding The Tools We Have To Help Us On Our Journey

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Knowing ourselves, who we really are, and the physical and spiritual tools we possess will help us grow with more intention and we'll accomplish our goals more quickly.

Our physical bodies are the instruments of matter to assist us in our physical journey. This tool can be strengthened and refined to direct our energy to what Dr. Gay Hendricks refers to as the zone of genius. This is the zone where we are in tune with the inner, higher voice and we've developed talent to bring our genius to expression.

In the video below, author Gay Hendricks of The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level shares how wonder and curiosity open us to creativity by letting go of what we think we know.

We humans have a long and wonderful history of transcending our beliefs about what's possible.

- Gay Hendricks, psychologist

Gay discussed in the video that wonder removes fear. It opens up an opportunity mindset that can draw upon our unique genius to step up to our higher selves.

We created Sol Journey from our love for humanity and the miracles we've experienced in our own lives. It's also what we refer to as the individual path. The path we've participated in creating that has brought us to this exact present moment, that continues to unfold before us.

What Are The Rules?

There is only one rule. It's the golden rule. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. This is your true expression of love for yourself and others. You'll still have boundaries and continue to build strength in your resolve to hold yourself accountable, but with this rule in mind, it will help you express your love by being in the NOW and contributing to the needful thing in the moment.

The Soul is the guide to direct our path, however, the ego is used to making the decisions, it may continue to act instinctively and impulsively. The ego isn't always wrong. When time allows (it almost always allows), we can pause and check-in with our soul and respond with our whole self (body - emotion, mind - intellect, and soul - divine spirit).

Using the Socratic method of questioning helps us apply rational thinking to impulses and emotional feelings. These tools are meant to work together for intentional creation.

Aristotle taught how to better communicate and interact with others using the principles of Eros (wisdom from the soul), Pathos (empathy and emotions), Logos (reason and logic). By using these principles, we can de-escalate arguments and persuade with love.

Emotions create meaning and story. When we have the tools to add reason from experience and knowledge we've gained, along with inspiration from the soul, we can align our beliefs and actions to facts, instead of a narrative that keeps us unconscious.


The word Namaste translates to ‘bowing to you', which means The divine light in me recognizes the divine light within you. We all have divine light within us, and by recognizing it in others, even when they are acting out of darkness, applies the golden rule at the collective creative level.

Neville Goddard, in his numerous works, shares how to use the power of imagination to see others in their divine light and how others begin to express themselves with that light from our vision.

Competing Minds

How do we differentiate what the soul desires and what the ego desires?

First, let's better understand what the ego is. The ego is part of our artificial intelligence. It has learned and adapted to its environment to keep the physical body safe. The ego is connected to the lower self, because as Dr. Pert asserts below, our memories, perceptions, and beliefs are stored in the cells of the body. The ego simply operates from the information stored in the body.

So, the ego isn't bad per se, it's only an expression of our perceptions and beliefs, directed by the programs running in our bodies. The ego may become strong and with all of it's experience and its ability to reason, may ignore the soul and think it can navigate this life more efficiently. The ego is our will and once we turn the will to the desires of the soul the ego will be a faithful servant of the soul. 

As we consider the functions of the autonomic nervous system alone and its hundreds of millions of neurons, it's easy to see how our bodies our designed and encoded. We operate on programs and those programs are our physical bodies.

In Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Candace Pert shares how each cell in our bodies receives and responds to information.

Overview of Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind

“Your brain is not in charge. This revelation by Dr. Candace Pert challenges conventional science—and everyone interested in total wellness—to reconsider how our bodies think, feel, and heal.

As the leading pioneer in a radical new science of life, this bestselling author and world-class neuroscientist has given us an inside look at the molecular drama being staged within every cell of the human body—and a glimpse into the future of medicine. Now, in her own words, Dr. Pert describes her extraordinary search for the grail of the body's inborn intelligence with Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind.”

Dr. Pert first came to prominence when she dazzled the scientific community with her discovery of the opiate receptor in 1972. But this breakthrough event was only the beginning of a uniquely productive—and often controversial—career.”

On Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind, Dr. Pert describes her efforts over the past two decades to actually decode the information molecules, such as peptides and their receptors, that regulate every aspect of human physiology. Her model of how these biochemicals flow and resonate, distributing information to every cell in the body simultaneously, has unlocked the secret of how emotions literally transform our bodies—and create our health.”

Easily shifting from a bench scientist's view to a spiritual one, she relates her research to past and present mind/body topics, ranging from AIDS and cancer to the chakra system. Dr. Pert's personal and compelling voice makes this a listening experience that is part detective story, part spiritual odyssey—and entirely irresistible. Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind takes you on a scientific adventure of the first order, escorted by this pathfinder, iconoclast, and "goddess of neuroscience."

Because the cells of our bodies are influencing our actions and decisions, it's important to optimize them by eliminating the waste.

Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.

- Isaac Asmiov

Our bodies are tools to help us learn and grow. We have senses to help us perceive the world and emotions that create meaning to those perceptions. We have the imagination to create stories about the meaning we've applied to our perceptions and those stories determine how we interact with others and live our lives.

If our bodies are perceiving and misinterpreting information incorrectly, then the ego may manifest in irrational ways.

Detoxing - Tuning Our Body And Mind To A Higher Frequency

lymphatic system infographic, detox,  Path To Your Highest True Self

Part of our bodies' physical elimination process is the lymphatic system. The interstitial fluids produce 8 to 12 liters of lymph. Our blood is our nutrient source, which is approximately 5 liters. Our bodies produce more fluids to help with elimination than fluids to provide nutrition.

We can see that the largest functions of our bodies are the processes to move and eliminate waste.

Learn More: Detox Your Lymphatic System Naturally

What would it look like if we balanced the rest of our lives to process all that we've taken in and eliminate what no longer serves us?

If we observe critically everything we consume, from the foods and drinks we take into our bodies, to the ideas from all media sources and even the thoughts we think, we'll be able to recognize the effects caused by our consumption.

Symptoms of overconsumption:

  • Panic attacks
  • Stress
  • Uneasiness
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of confidence
  • Contention with ourselves and others

Practices like meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and journaling provide systems to connect to our bodies and release emotions, stress, and negative thoughts that are blocking our flow to a higher physical and mental self.

This process of elimination changes our molecules and cells to manifest improved health, energy, and vitality.

symptoms of overconsumption, detox,  Path To Your Highest True Self

Learn More: The Science Of Change – How Epigenetics Creates New Realities

Bringing The Body And Soul Together To Create Consciously

The spirit is the life of the body seen from within, and the body the outward manifestation of the life of the spirit - the two being really one.

- Carl Jung

Now that we know how to tune the body to a higher frequency, we can focus on streaming the flow of knowledge from the core, by connecting the body to the soul and placing the soul in charge.

Your mind, guided by a knowing deep within you, emerges with something very meaningful to the highest expression of your truest self. It is at that moment that your inner guidance unfolds the potential of your heart and mind.

This is the essence of meditation and true inner knowing, accessing and being in touch with your Highest True Self while in a conscious state. This is where your vision becomes clear, where you begin to realize who you are on many levels and what you are destined to achieve!

The Four Bodies Of Intelligence

four bodies of intelligence infographic, Path To Your Highest True Self

  • Physical Body
  • Mental Body
  • Emotional Body
  • Spiritual Body

The physical body is the sensory intelligence that uses the five senses to interact with the external world. It also has basic intuitive instincts that are meant to keep us safe, like the fight or flight response.

The mental body is the cognitive intelligence that applies reason from past experiences and what we've learned. What we've learned and experienced becomes our belief system that directs how we perceive the world.

The emotional body is the feeling intelligence that helps us develop meaning and empathy. Our desires and pain are felt within ourselves and are sometimes expressed for others to see. These expressions can feel vulnerable but they create a connection on a deeper level with self and with others.

The spiritual intelligence connects with the soul, that which is unconscious within ourselves and the collective. This intellect is beyond our knowledge and experience. It's the insight we receive that seems to just appear in a flash.

Soul and body are not two things. They are one.

- Carl Jung

The Chakras

There are seven major chakras centers within the subtle energy body. Beginning at the base, with the root or base chakra and moving up the spine to the seventh, which is the crown chakra. Each of these energy centers are like organs for the spiritual body.

The Root Chakra is red and located at the base of the spine. The male reproductive organs are located in the root chakra, so the energy is male. This chakra is connected to our basic physical needs like food, shelter, security within our body and our surroundings. When we are balanced in the root chakra, we are grounded and have confidence in our ability to have our needs met. If we are out of balance, we feel like we're in survival mode and maybe overly aggressive or reactionary.

The Sacral Chakra is orange and is centered in the lower abdomen where the female reproductive organs are located. Here the female energy can balance with the male energy of the root chakra. When in balance, we are connected to our intuition and nature. When we're out of balance in the sacral chakra, we may be overwhelmed with emotion and feel needy.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is yellow and is the energy center of our will and personal power. This chakra works with the rational mind that reasons based on the programming we've received. Its focus is on our external selves, how we act and want to be perceived. When we are balanced in this chakra, we have a positive self-image and experience vitality. When we're are out of balance we feel the need to impose our beliefs on others.

The Heart Chakra is green and is attuned to the soul. Here we are able to feel unconditional love for ourselves and others. This energy center connects us to nature and its cycles. When the heart chakra is balanced, we have empathy and understanding of our oneness. If it is out of balance, we feel disconnected.

The Throat Chakra is blue and is the energy center where we are able to express ourselves through our purpose. When the throat chakra is in balance we freely share our voice without limitations. When out of balance, we may be hesitant to share or too imposing.

The Third Eye Chakra is indigo and is located in the center of the forehead. It is the energy center for vision to create a fulfilling life. When we're balanced in this chakra, we see the big picture, our role in it, and systems to actualize our vision. When imbalanced, we lack the vision related to our purpose and our future selves.

The Crown Chakra is violet and is our individual connection to the cosmos and God or universal energy. This chakra connects us to gnosis or innate knowledge. When we have balance, intuition flows through us in all that we do. When we are not balanced in the crown chakra, we can feel empty, despondent, and have a lack of connection.

We can see how each of the chakras is important and is connected with the others. If our heart chakra is out of balance, how does that affect the throat chakra?

Each of the chakras correlates with our physical organs/glands.

Root Chakra
Male reproductive organs, adrenal glands, colon, lymphatic and skeletal systems.
Sacral Chakra
Female reproductive organs, kidneys, spleen, and skin
Solar Plexus Chakra
Liver, pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, and diaphragm
Heart Chakra
Heart, lungs, thymus, lymph, circulatory, and immune systems
Throat Chakra
Hypothalamus, thyroid, parathyroid, throat, and mouth
Third Eye Chakra
Central nervous system, pituitary gland, nose, ears, and left eye
Crown Chakra
Cerebral cortex, central nervous system, the pineal gland, and the right eye

Just like we promote healthy elimination through the lymphatic system by moving our bodies, practicing deep breathing, meditation, and providing alkalizing nutrition, we can balance the chakra energy system.

When we focus on balancing the chakras, time spent in solitude, checking in with ourselves and how we feel and why we believe the things we do or react in certain ways, we can gain clarity and recognize blockages. This empowers us to be specific in our intentions and the actions we take to improve our four bodies.

the chakras infographic,  Path To Your Highest True Self

What Is Our Individual Human Potential?

The ‘Superman' potential in Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra and Deepak Chopra's Metahuman (meta - changing or evolving) teach a lifestyle for creating a self that actualizes your highest potential on a continual journey of individuation.

By connecting with the soul regularly and by living your unique purpose that contributes to the collective, we harmonize all aspects of our life for our growth.

He who cannot obey himself will be commanded. That is the nature of living creatures. ...commanding is more difficult than obeying.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

The subconscious mind, which is a program running from the body's memory has the ability to analyze and express. In this case, the program is obeying the instructions, which we've created by accepting them.

The body and the ego are the subconscious mind and they are very aware of the body and that the body desires a state of comfort.

Being in a state of comfort can cause us to stagnate, slowing progress on our journey to becoming superhuman.

When we're connected with the will of the soul, we are commanding. Our thoughts, behaviors, actions, and therefore habits are obedient to the will.

Activities To Align Focus

activities to align focus infographic,  Path To Your Highest True Self

  • Do a media detox and cleanse your social media channels of information that take you away from your path.
  • Adopt a daily meditation routine
  • Write in a journal or other creative outlet
  • Paint or mold your art
  • Create a new delicious recipe and share a meal or treats with a friend or family member
  • Set aside 5 to 10-minute breaks to wonder about possibilities
  • Practice deep breathing at sunrise and/or sunset
  • Bring the breath to your awareness throughout the day, especially when you're feeling stress
  • Practice yoga and stretching daily
  • Use a dry skin brush to help improve the flow of lymph
  • Jump on a rebounder
  • Plan healthy meals and snacks

What you pay attention to grows. If your attention is attracted to negative situations and emotions, then they will grow in your awareness.

- Deepack Chopra


  • I am the creator of my life
  • I am able to live my life in the genius zone
  • I am connected to an endless source of inspiration and creativity
  • I am imaginative and my creativity flows effortlessly
  • I celebrate my life through creative expression
  • I make space in my life to explore my creativity
  • I choose the best foods to promote continual optimal health
  • I am aware of my thoughts and beliefs and how they affect my life
  • I am grateful for my vivid imagination
  • I am grateful for the synchronicities I experience regularly

Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.

- Brené Brown


You are a powerful creator of your life and you have knowledge and love to share with others. We are all still learning, but look back and acknowledge yourself for how much you have progressed and how much more you know. The tools we've shared are provided to help tune your body's (bodies') vibration to abundant health and connection with your soul. With daily practice of conscious living, your purpose becomes more clear.

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