Body Connection

Sol Journey: The Body Connection

The body is the instrument of our hold on the world.

― Simone de Beauvoir

Our bodies are the miraculous tool that we use to interact with the world and express the depths of our mind and soul.

Your body is your home, the environment through which you experience and perceive the world.

Like the mind, the body seeks a state of homeostasis (or balance), comfort, and happiness.

Our bodies produce four chemicals to help us reach these desired states: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins. When these chemicals are out of balance, we can experience mood spikes that can leave us feeling depressed, anxious, or in a fog.

Over the past few decades, biologists have discovered that our environments have a much greater influence on gene expression than our DNA. The exciting part of this discovery is that we have a chance to influence our internal environment and help regulate these biochemicals.

So, how do you 'turn on happiness'?

Happiness & Chemicals Infographic

Mind and body are clearly connected. Our thoughts and the chemicals released by our thoughts affect our bodies. Plus, the physical movement of our bodies and the fuel we provide it with also affect our thoughts and the chemicals we produce.

Take a moment to think about everything that's happening within you, without conscious effort like the functionality of the circulatory system, pulmonary system, nervous system, and many more. Now think of the things you do seemingly autonomically, as in you can still entertain other thoughts and have conversations when doing the following activities, showering, driving, doing routine tasks, all your muscle memory response activities, e.g., riding a bike, walking, running, hiking, dancing, and the list goes on and on.

As we acknowledge that so many of our bodies' functions are automated, programmed, and programmable, we benefit. We can move faster, be more efficient, gain strength, stretch more deeply, and feel with more meaning.

Every cell in our body stores information from our perceptions, memories, emotions, trauma, beliefs, nutrition, as well as our external environment, like the air we breathe.


Epigenetics is the study of cellular and physiological traits, or the external and environmental factors, that turn our genes on and off, and in turn, define how our cells actually read those genes. It works to see the true potential of the human mind, and the cells in our body.

― Dr. Bruce Lipton

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The human body is a miraculous self-healing machine, but those self-repair systems require a nutrient-dense diet.

― Joel Fuhrman

Through proper and consistent nutrition and movement of our bodies, we recreate ourselves with new material and structure that continuously builds upon what has previously been created.

The human body completely replaces itself every 7 to 10 years. Each part completes the process in its own time.

Pictogram of the Human Skeleton

Bones take the longest to regenerate (up to 10 years), even though the cells in the skeletal system are continually regenerating.

The Brain's cells regenerate and because of neuroplasticity, our brains can regenerate in about a year. On average we have 60,000 thoughts every day and 90% of those thoughts are repetitive. So even though the brain regenerates, it may still remain stuck with old, false beliefs and tired ideas.

Skin cells are replaced about every two to four weeks. Nutrition plays a key role in regenerating vibrant and youthful skin. Minerals and essential vitamins, like Vitamins C and E as well as cellulose and collagen building nutrients that come from fresh fruits and vegetables and supplements like aloe vera and sea moss.

Hair is regenerated at a pace, dependent on length and hormones. For men, hair is completely replaced in three years and for women, about every six years.

Internal Organs are able to regenerate every 6 months to two years. Each organ replaces itself in its own time and is conditioned on how many toxins they need to filter. Consistent healthy eating helps us speed up that process so we can operate more efficiently with more energy.

Physical Exercise

To regenerate a healthier, more vibrant, energetic and youthful body, we need a combined approach. Including resistance training, stretching, and general movement is necessary.

Don't worry, you don't need to turn your daily routine on its head. Just add a few key ingredients to reap the benefits.

Daily Activities

Commit to doing at least one of the following every day and mix it up.

  • Lift weights
  • Spin class
  • Dance class
  • Yoga
  • Walk for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Go for a run
  • Hike in nature

Experts suggest that resistance training like weightlifting or using bands should be done at least three times per week. Activities like stretching and walking, hiking, or running should be part of your daily routine.

Energize and Rebuild Your Body With Clean, High-Frequency Nutrition

The foods that we eat are the building materials for immediate energy and the structure of our future selves.

Foods that are highly acidic place undue ware on organs, which speeds up the aging process of those precise components. Highly processed foods, Franken-foods created in a lab, and oils that are not digestible can wreak havoc on organs, can cause serious health issues, and cause excessive weight gain.

Diets that are rich in raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts provide essential vitamins and minerals plus fibers our bodies can easily utilize.

Not only do the foods we eat and what we drink affect our bodies, but they have a significant impact on our mind as well.

For thousands of years, people have studied the medicinal properties found in plants. Once again, the answers are found in nature.

At Sol Journey, our mission is to help educate and provide solutions to facilitate the the highest functionality of your body and quality of life.

Try one of our plant-based collagen building products to build structure, repair muscles, joints and tendons, as well as nourish your hair, skin, and nails.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing not only supplies oxygen for our lungs to help us breathe, but the oxygen also invigorates our blood, organs, and cells. Plus, the exhale removes carbon dioxide and other toxins from our bodies.

Deep breathing is beneficial for both the body and the mind as it energizes and allows them time and space to repair.

Here are a couple of breathing exercises you can incorporate throughout each day.

Square Breathing or 4444 Breathing

As you inhale, count at one-second intervals to four. Then pause for four seconds at the top of your breath. Exhale fully at the same count of four and then hold - devoid of breath - for another four seconds.

Four, Seven, Eight Breathing

For this exercise, the first four counts on the inhale are the same, but this time, you'll hold the breath for 7 seconds. Then slowly release the breath for eight seconds until you have no more to release. Then start the process over with the four-count inhale.

Complete one of these breathing exercises for five minutes at time. Find a quiet place without interruptions to reach the full potential of these exercises. Counting disrupts thoughts that might be seeking attention or any other distractions that may interrupt the exercise.

Reaching a Meditative State

The goal of these breathing exercises is to calm the mind and reduce the distractions of thoughts. Try to recognize how many times repetitive thoughts come up. For now, let them pass.

Later, ask why do I continue to entertain this line of thought? How does thinking about this topic help me? How does this line of thinking limit me?

Then, meditate again in silence and allow the possible answers to guide you. This becomes a path of healing and becoming more aware. This is what makes the unconscious conscious, the darkness, light.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

― Carl Jung

Ask questions like 'what is my highest priority?' or 'who can assist me with …?' or 'what is the best possible solution to …?' or 'what's the best way I can serve?' or 'what do I need to become aware of?'. Then try to avoid thinking actively but remain focused on the breath and the count. Allow thoughts to flow through until a spark hits. Many times, the answers appear later, in the midst of actively working.

The Body Mind Connection

Because our brains are part of our bodies and our mind influences the thoughts we have in the brain, it's easy to see how mind and body are connected. Add to that our understanding of epigenetics and the regeneration of the body through nutrition and exercise, as well as the regeneration of the mind through new thoughts. Now, it becomes clear that we have the opportunity to make momentous advances in our own wellbeing.

We all age eventually. However, we can slow down the aging process and enjoy the years to come with energy and vital life force.

Remember, the secret is consistency. How will you guide your mind and body through daily activities to help you make significant progress?

Like a steam engine train or a rocket, you may require a lot of directed energy in the beginning. But once you reach a point of momentum, you stay on course with less fuel and energy needed.


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